2016 Unikernels and More: Cloud Innovators Forum Session Information

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The following sessions will be part of Unikernels and More: Cloud Innovators Forum on Friday January 22, 2016 at Southern California Linux Expo (SCALE) 14X:

Running Go on Rumprun

This talk will explore working with the Go language on top of the Rumprun unikernel allowing the end user to deploy a small Go flavored unikernel directly on top of Xen or other hypervisors.

We'll start off with explaining the motivation behind this and why we think unikernels are the future of infrastructure. We'll also describe why we thought Go would make a great fit not withstanding it's obvious architectural differences such as virtual memory.

Finally, we'll show real live demos of Go running on top of the Rumprun unikernel.

Speaker: Ian Eyberg

Ian Eyberg is a founder @ DeferPanic and lives in SF. He previously gave talks at both GopherCon and HighLoad++ last year. He is a heavy Go user. He was given his first Slackware floppies over 20 years ago but believes that the cloud of the future will not be based on the monolith but the unikernel.