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Xen Project and OPW


The Xen Project Advisory Board will be sponsoring one intern for Round 8 of the Gnome Outreach Program For Women which runs from May 2014 to August 2014. This program is an internship program specifically targeted at women: our goal is to increase womens' participation in the Xen Project. It is a continuation of the very successful GNOME Outreach Program for Women and we are running the program in conjunction with GNOME and other prominent open source projects.

Information For Applicants

How To Apply

The official application period for OPW Round 8 is March 19th. Please fill our your initial application and complete your Xen patch by March 19th. Applicants that do not complete the first patch will not be considered for an internship. Please take a look at our application FAQ for more info on how to fill our your initial application. Applicants will be notified by November 25th if they have been accepted.

If you are interested in being a Xen intern, please:

  • Join the xen-devel mailing list. Depending on the project you choose, you may also need to join xen-api or (do check the information in the project). Check the list directory.
  • Join the #opw IRC channel on
  • Join the #xen-opw IRC channel on
  • Read our instructions for applying, and apply by March 19th.
  • Ask one of our friendly developers on for a bite size bug or work item. This can be reviewing somebodies code, submitting a patch, or similar and will need to be done by March 19th.

Community Reviewed Project List

For a list of project ideas see, General List of Development Projects or GSoc 2014

Useful Resources

Here is some links to guides, tools, development flows etc.

Information For Mentors

See here