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<!-- ## page was renamed from Xen/PPC -->
<!-- ## page was renamed from Xen/PPC -->
{{Hatnote|For the ARM port for processors with hardware virtualization extensions see [[Xen ARM (HVM)]].}}
{{Hatnote|For the ARM port for processors with hardware virtualization extensions see [[Xen ARMv7 with Virtualization Extensions]].}}
= Xen ARM Project =
= Xen ARM Project =

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Xen ARM Project

Xen-ARM is called originally Secure Xen on ARM which consists of Xen on ARM VMM and the associated access control.


Please email xen-arm@lists.xensource.com with comments, questions, and patches. For patches, please prefix the email subject with "[patch]". Use http://lists.xensource.com/xen-arm to subscribe and to access the archives.

Current Status

Secure Xen on ARM supports the ARMv7 architecture family, specific platform we test/run on is:

  • nVidia Tegra250 Development Board

Note : This release does not support all architectures prior to ARM v7. Previous versions of Xen-ARM can be found on the Xen-ARM archives section.

  • Note that Xen ARM is currently rebased onto xen-unstable such that it can be upstreamed. The work is currently performed on Jaemin Ryu's personal branch

Xen-ARM source

Click xen-arm-opensource-20110714.tar.bz2 to download the latest officially released Xen-ARM package.


Bug Tracking

We are using the main Xen bugzilla bugtracking system: all ARM bugs. Please create an account so that bugs may be assigned to you. ;-)

Xen-ARM Archives

Android Goldfish (QEMU 0.82 based Android emulator):

  • Patching the QEMU: qemu-xen_arm-081120.tar.bz2
  • Some source codes of emulator are modified in order to make the emulator load two mini-os images into RAM before executing Secure Xen on ARM.
  • More details on how to run Secure Xen on ARM on modified Goldfish emulator are found in the section A.2 of user guide.

Para-virtualized uC/OS-II RTOS:

Older versions of Xen ARM



  • Sang-bum SUH sbuk.suh@samsung.com