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Upcoming Meetings

The calls started in March 2012: we decided to keep these small intially to see how they would work and expand afterwards. The purpose of these calls is to discuss technical issues, large contribution, co-ordinate contributions, work on roadmaps, etc. In the June meeting the team decided to rename itself to Technical Coordination Team (TCT).

Meeting Operations

Getting invited:

  • The Xen.org chairman, Project Leads of mature projects, the Xen.org community managers and Committers are automatically invited to the call
  • Individuals contributing more than 2% of code to the Xen project can request an invite
  • Vendors contributing more than 2% of code to the Xen project can request an invite
  • The 2% treshhold is in a year or in a Xen release and requires >2% of code contributions in terms of changesets or code churn
  • Existing members of the call vote on invite requests

Obligations to remain invited:

  • If an organisation or individual that earned the righ tto be invited does not show up 3 times in a row without giving reason, invitation to the meeting will be revoked
  • Project leads and committers are excluded from this constraint

Meeting Minutes (2013)

Meeting Minutes (2012)

In the May 2012 call, a vote was held to start publishing meeting minutes. Meeting minutes will be published in this section.