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Upcoming Meetings

The calls started in March 2012: we decided to keep these small intially to see how they would work and expand afterwards. The purpose of these calls is to discuss technical issues, large contribution, co-ordinate contributions, work on roadmaps, etc. In the June meeting the team decided to rename itself to Technical Coordination Team (TCT).

Meeting Operations

Getting invited:

  • The Xen Project Advisory Board chairman, Project Leads of mature projects, the community managers and Committers are automatically invited to the call
  • Anyone else who is active in the community who can show that they have been actively been contributing to the project can request an invite by mailing ian dot campbell at citrix dot com. Existing members of the call vote will vote on invite requests, if there is doubt on whether the community member has been contributing enough to the project

Obligations to remain invited:

  • If an organisation or individual that earned the right to be invited does not show up 3 times in a row without giving reason, invitation to the meeting may be revoked
  • Project leads and committers are excluded from this constraint


Meeting Minutes (2014)

Meeting Minutes (2013)

Meeting Minutes (2012)

In the May 2012 call, a vote was held to start publishing meeting minutes. Meeting minutes will be published in this section.