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== 2017: Developer and Design Summit ==
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|Project=Graphics Virtualization
|Date=July 11 2017
|Contact=Rich Persaud, Christopher Clark
|Desc=Graphics and input virtualization on Intel and ARM:
* Intel GVT-d and GVT-G with local multi-monitor display
* Zero-copy display of guest framebuffers: Intel GVT, ARM with and without IOMMU
** Baboval 2013: http://events.linuxfoundation.org/sites/events/files/slides/Zero-Copy%20Display%20of%20Guest%20Framebuffers%20using%20GEM.pdf
* Display management: GVT, PV-displ, Qubes compositor, OpenXT surfman
* HID virtualization (secure input, seamless mouse-display switching, multi-touch)
{{comment| Feel free to make suggestions here}}<br>
{{vote|And whether you intend to attend}}
== Archive ==
See [[Hackathon_and_Dev_Meetings]]

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