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Icon Info.png Note that this roadmap is out-of-date. Some of the work has been superseded and others has happened.

Legend: : Done : In Progress : Abandoned

Project Infrastructure and Initial GlobalLogic Contribution

  • Set up Project infrastructure (code repos and mailing list)
    • mailing list
    • code repos were not needed, see below
  • Initial code contribution of QNX drivers by GlobalLogic
    • Abandoned, as interest has shifted from QNX to AGL, for which there is an upstream. The risk of having to maintain an unnecessary Xen port was considered too high at this stage
  • Various Whitepapers and studies see Automotive Whitepapers
  • Add Wiki pages (instruction to get SW build for TI J6 EVM)

Planned Code Contributions

  • Xen Project Hypervisor changes: some for 4.4 see Xen Project 4.4 Feature List
  • Xen Project Hypervisor changes: some for 4.5 see Xen Project 4.5 Feature List
  • Xen Project Hypervisor changes: some for 4.6 see Xen Project 4.6 Feature List
  • QNX & Tizen baseports to run as Xen Project guests
    • Interest has shifted to AGL
  • Upstream RT Scheduler performance improvements to Hypervisor - See RTDS-Based-Scheduler in Xen 4.5 - additional work ongoing and planned for Xen 4.7
  • GPU virtualization PV drivers using OpenGL
    • This was prototyped and replaced by an alternative approach, which for now exists out-of-tree until it is clear whether it can be upstreamed
  • Adding support for Renesas R-Car M2/H2 hardware – Initial support in Xen 4.6, some support planned for later
  • Thin Dom0 (only containing kernel with Xen tools on Dom 0 - and no drivers or other functionality - for disaggregated architecture)
  • ISO 26262 certification - ongoing

Project Wish list (unplanned at this stage)