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Before you continue reading, join the wiki as a user. We do not require for you to do this, but encourage you to register.

Why we need YOU!

The Wiki has existed for some time and as with many Wiki's contains a lot of content that is out-of-date, or not relevant any more. We decided to migrate to a new MediaWiki based wiki, which allows us a fresh start. We hope to be able to mobilize Xen community members and are planning a number of regular activities and approaches:

  • Regular Document Days on IRC
  • Recognize community members for their contributions
  • Make new Wiki much more manageable by using Categories and other proven Wiki tools

Wiki Conventions

We want to make it as wasy as possible for users to use and find content in the new Wiki and also ensure that the Wiki remains up-to-ate.

Improving Navigation through Categories

These sections still need to be written.

Managing pages via Templates

These sections still need to be written.

Useful Built-in Wiki Pages

We will complete this section once templates have been created

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