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XenStore is an information storage space shared between domains maintained by the Xenstored. It is meant for configuration and status information rather than for large data transfers. Each domain gets its own path in the store, which is somewhat similar in spirit to procfs. When values are changed in the store, the appropriate drivers are notified. For more information and a guide to developing with XenStore, see XenBus.

You can find more about the data stored in XenStore at XenStoreReference.

A handy shell script to dump the xenstore :


function dumpkey() {
   local param=${1}
   local key
   local result
   result=$(xenstore-list ${param})
   if [ "${result}" != "" ] ; then
      for key in ${result} ; do dumpkey ${param}/${key} ; done
      echo -n ${param}'='
      xenstore-read ${param}

for key in /vm /local/domain /tool ; do dumpkey ${key} ; done
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