Xen Maintainer, Committer and Developer Meeting/XenSummit NA 2012

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The Xen Maintainer, Committer and Developer Meeting brings together the world's leading Xen developers to discuss the state of Xen and plan the next development cycle. The Developer meeting takes place on Sunday, Aug 26th from 13:00 to 17:00. The meeting takes place in the same location as XenSummit. Details will be sent to invitees.

This meeting is invitation only and open to Maintainers, Committers and Influential Developers and people in the Xen Community. However, you can request an invite by filling out this form.

Proposed Topics

ID Topic Proposer Lead Status
1 Lars Kurth (after discussion at Xen Maintainer, Committer and Developer Call on 6/13) Xen Release and Maintenance Management, frequency and Cycle TBD Proposed
2 Lars Kurth (after discussion at Xen Maintainer, Committer and Developer Call on 6/13) Xen 4.3 Planninng GeorgeD Proposed
3 Stefano Stabellini Performance and related work. Status of Linux Dom0 Hybrid. TBD Proposed
4 Anil Madhavapeddy MIPS Xen port status; XCP/stub domain/Mirage integration TBD Proposed
5 Konrad Rzeszutek Wilk Future direction of PV with: a) Advancement of Hybrid PV, b) Better perf with PVHVM than PV c) frequent conflicts with x86 maintainers in Linux kernel and d) Want to brainstorm if there is a way to "deprecate" PV and still keep it in the Linux kernel tree. The goal would be to eliminate most of the pv-mmu ops. blkback future. TBD Proposed
6 Dario Faggioli Non Uniform Memory Access (NUMA) support improvement for Xen TBD Proposed
7 Matt Wilson Needs of Cloud providers, operating Xen at scale, broad PV support in upstream Linux, hybrid mode (PV-in-HVM container) dom0, general performance, etc. TBD Proposed
8 Don Dugger x32 ABI; nested virtualization; graphics passthru TBD Proposed
9 Mukesh Rathor many variants of get_page* (tim d or keir); shadow paging modes (tim d or keir) TBD Proposed
10 Cherry G. Mathew hypervisor documentation; what's the possibility of a dom0 powered by hvm TBD Proposed
11 Jan Beulich feature plans for 4.3, improvements to release schedules, guest invoked transient preemption disabling TBD Proposed (also see 1 & 2)
12 Lars Kurth XCI Archivation review (5-10 mins should suffice) Lars Kurth Proposed