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Features Xen Cloud Platform XenServer Free XenServer Advanced XenServer Enterprise XenServer Platinum
Cost/Licensing Free/Open Source (Multiple Licenses 1) Free/Citrix EULA Paid/Citrix EULA
XenServer hypervisor X X X X X
IntelliCache X X X X X
Resilient distributed management architecture X X X X X
VM disk snapshot and revert X X X X X
XenCenter management X X X X X
Conversion tools X X X X X
XenMotion® live Migration X X X X X
Heterogeneous pools X X X X
Dynamic Memory Control X X X X
Performance alerting and reporting X X X X
Distributed virtual switching management tool X X X
High availability X X X
Host power management X X X
Live memory snapshot and revert X X X
Role-based administration X X X
Dynamic workload balancing X X
Provisioning services (virtual) X X
StorageLink X X
Web self-service with delegated admin X X
Automated VM protection and recovery X X
Site recovery X X
Lab manager with self-service portal X
Provisioning services (physical) X

XenServer features taken from the XenServer Editions page

[1] LGPL, GPL, Q Public License v1