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Manuals and Documentation

This page lists books and manuals about Xen and derived projects.



Xen Project

This table lists the official Xen Project manuals. Most documentation for later versions is available in other formats.

Xen Project version PDF User manual PDF Developer manual Other
4.x - -
3.x pdf -
2.x pdf pdf -

XenServer / XCP

This table lists Citrix XenServer manuals that also apply to XCP. There are some differences between XCP and XenServer, these are discussed on the errata pages.

XCP version XenServer version Errata
1.6 6.1 yes
1.5 6.0 yes
1.1 5.6 SP2 yes
1.0 5.6 FP1 yes
0.5 5.6

Xen Project Books

This table lists available books.

Name Author Date Format Language
SLES 11 Virtualization with Xen Administration Guide Document index Novell, Inc. 2012-05-18 HTML, eBook, PDF Several: Chinise, Czech, English, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanes, Polish, Portugese, Russian, and Spanish
Practical Guide to XEN High Availability: Configuring Enterprise Virtualization on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Companion site Sander van Vugt 2010-03-08 On-demand paperback English
The Book of Xen Publisher's site Wiki EditionSample Text: Chapter 7 Chris Takemura and Luke S. Crawford 2009-10-22 Paperback English
Xen Virtualization Essentials Wiki edition Neil Smyth 2009-06-04 eBook English
Professional Xen Virtualization William von Hagen 2008-01-29 Paperback English
Running Xen: A Hands-on Guide to the Art of Virtualization Companion site Sample Text: Chapter 3 - The Xen Hypervisor Jeanna Neefe Matthews, Eli M. Dow, Todd Deshane, Wenjin Hu, Jeremy Bongio, Patrick F. Wilbur, and Brendan Johnson 2008-04-06 Paperback English
Xen Virtualization: A fast and practical guide to supporting multiple operating systems with the Xen hypervisor Prabhakar Chaganti 2007-12-30 Paperback English
The Definitive Guide to the Xen Hypervisor Publisher's site Sample Text: Chapter 6 - Understanding Device Drivers David Chisnall 2007-11-09 Hardcover English
Professional XEN Virtualization Publisher's site William von Hagen 2007-08-27 Paperback English
Xen 3 Companion site Andrej Radonic and Frank Meyer 2006-8 book German
Xen - Virtualisierung unter Linux Companion site Timo Benk, Heninng Sprang, Jaroslaw Zdrzalek and Ralph Dehner 2007-4 Hardcover German
System Virtualization: Theory & Implementation Intel R&D Team ? book Cn.png Chinese
Xenoppix -- Knoppix customized with Xen ? ? book Jp.png Japanese
Chou Kanntan Xenoppix ? ? book Jp.png Japanese

XCP/XenServer Books

This table lists available books.

Name Author Date Format Language
Citrix XenServer 6.0 Administration Essential Guide Daniele Tosatto (Packt Publishing) 2012, June Paperback: 364 pages English
Virtualization with Xen: Including XenEnterprise, XenServer, and XenExpress David E. Williams (Syngress) 2007, April Paperback: 512 pages English

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