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When and Where ?

We confirmed the Xen Hackathon hosted by Oracle for March 6-8, 2012 at the Oracle campus in Santa Clara.

  • March 6th: 9AM to 5PM
  • March 7th: 9AM to 5PM
  • March 8th: 9AM to 5PM

Here is the address of the campus:
4030 George Sellon Circle
Santa Clara
CA 95054

Click to enlarge:
Oracle SCA Campus.png Oracle SCA Campus2.png

Conference Room number and location

Oracle Campus in Santa Clara Oracle
4190 Network Circle, Santa Clara, CA 95054-1778
Building: SCA03 - Room #2100 (2nd floor)

This is building #22 on the map


AUDITORIUM PARKING: In the building 22 parking lot as well as along Palm Drive.

What is a Xen Hackathon?

The aim of Xen Hackathons is to give developers the opportunity to meet face to face to discuss development, coordinate, write code and collaborate with other developers as well as allowing everyone to put names with faces. People working on documentation and other aspects of Xen, XCP, XenARM and related projects are also welcome.

There is no registration fee. However as an attendee you will need to cover your own travel, accommodation and other costs such as evening meals etc. We will be looking at organizing opportunities to drink beer, etc. in the evenings. If you know the area and have suggestions, please add to the wiki (see below).


Sign-up List

Please sign up, if you plan to attend:

  • If you think you may attend, but are not sure yet add "(provisional)" to the list.
  • If you can only attend part-time, please let us know which dates you want to attend.
  • If you do not regularly contribute to the Xen a mailing lists, please add your e-mail address such that we can get in touch with you
  • If you have any specifific dietary requirements, please add it besides your name
  • Please als state your T-shirt size


  1. Lars Kurth, (L)
  2. Ian Campbell, Citrix. committer (L)
  3. George Dunlap, Citrix
  4. Mike Hamanaka, Vertualize
  5. Pasi Karkkainen, Elisa Links (provisional)
  6. Stefano Stabellini, Citrix
  7. Andrew Cooper, Citrix (L) (provisional)
  8. Konrad Rzeszutek Wilk, Oracle, PVOPS project lead
  9. Yonghong Song, Netlogic
  10. Anthony Xu, Intel
  11. Mark Hinkle, Cloudstack
  12. David Nalley, Cloudstack
  13. Andres Lagar-Cavilla, Individual
  14. Adin Scannell, Individual
  15. Mukesh Rathor, Oracle
  16. Mike McClurg, Citrix, XCP project lead (provisional)
  17. Qin Michael Li (M)
  18. Wesley Shao, Oracle (M)
  19. Add yourself here

Provisionally reserved spaces (names TBD):

  • 2xGluster
  • 2xInternap

Topics to Discuss

  • Lars: Improving key documents, update and getting feedback on the new website
  • Lars: work with Konrad on PVOPS portal
  • IanC: Stub-oxenstored
  • David Nalley: Zeus (packaging XAPI toolstack on Fedora/EPEL)
  • Add topic here

Suggestions for Evening Social Activities

  • Add a suggestion here