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Xapi Project Sprint wk28 - 2013.07.09

Xapi sprint

This is a list of the proposed work items for the xapi team's week 28 sprint. This table references an internal ticket tracking system (CA, CP numbers). We are unable to publish this ticket system externally, but since these ticket numbers are referenced in commit messages, we are publishing the ticket numbers and their titles here. These are not meant to be full descriptions of the work to be done, but an overall summary of work that we hope to accomplish in this sprint. For discussion, please email the mailing list with a reference to the ticket number in the subject.

Internal ticket Title of ticket Category
CA-98077 Block SXM when VDI on-boot=reset Bug
CA-104877 XOP-218 document semantics of VM.xenstore_data Bug
CA-105021 Incorrect console URL with HMN disabled Bug
CA-105903 Surprise remove not checked in Tampa Bug
CA-108515 Xapi allows destruction of an SR that is configured to be an intellicache SR Bug
CA-109295 The VM other_config:hvm_serial parameter no longer takes effect Bug
CP-4403 Run through BST Work item
CP-4405 Verify that we're not losing commits (e.g. from outstanding pull requests) Work item
CP-4899 Networkd: get NIC stats using netlink Improvement
CP-5049 Create ocaml bindings to libnl for network stats Work item
CP-5086 Install old xen-api-libs packages as RPMS Work item
CP-5095 PR-1634: Retrieve a list of SRs required to recover a VM/VM appliance through xapi New Feature
CP-5113 Queue the xenops unpause immediately after issuing VM.start Work item
CP-5125 Import xenostats backend code to xenopsd repo Work item
CP-5155 XAC - Extract 'Events' from xenapi.js Work item
CP-5158 Coordinate with CentOS to get xapi-c6 repository created Story
CP-5160 xenostats protocol design New Feature
CP-5343 Open-source xha daemon, convert to git, put on (or should it be xapi-project?) Story
CP-5359 Draft proposal for xapi platform versioning scheme Work item
CP-5360 Update PR-1061 requirements Work item
CP-5368 Vchan driver testing under UNIX and Mirage Work item