Creating a LVM backed XFS SR

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LVM backed XFS SR

Ive created a Logical Volume under Kubuntu 11.10 with XFS and Kronos installed The following is what was required:

install lvm2 and xfstools

"apt-get install lvm2 xfstools"

create a logical volume

(If you need help in doing this, there are many tutorials for LVM on the net) ( see [1] )

Then you must copy the

"cp /usr/lib/xcp/sm/"

create a symlink to XFSSR

"cd /usr/lib/xcp/sm/"

"ln -s XFSSR"

once the logical volume is created restart xapi

"service xcp-xapi restart"

to create the SR, run

"SR=`xe sr-create type=xfs device-config:device=/dev/mapper/test-builder name-label=xfs`"

change '/dev/mapper/test-builder' to your lvm device to match your system

after its done, youll be able to use the XFS LVM filesystem as the default SR