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Ruben Schade
Residence Sydney
Nationality Australian
(grew up in Singapore)
Education Bachelor of Science in IT
Wikipedia:Alma mater University of Technology, Sydney
Interests Cloud infrastructure, VM-enabled OS nostalgia
Twitter @Rubenerd

Hi! My name is Ruben Schade and I've just started at a well known Australian virtualisation company.

Today, we maintain Debian (by choice), Ubuntu and CentOS PVs, and are looking into DomUs that can run as PV on HVM. I'm unofficially running FreeBSD 10, which operates beatifully under HVM with serial console access and its native PV kernel drivers.


Connectix Virtual PC was my first exposure to VMs as a child. My beloved blueberry iMac DV couldn't run my Windows stuff, so my father bought me the software to run Windows 98. I ended up developing a library of VMs for all manner of things, including the original Red Hat Linux, Slackware, the BSDs and DOS. Who needs toys?!

Other virtualisation interests

  • KVM, which I used to use prior to Xen
  • QEMU, standalone and for building Xen HVMs
  • ScummVM and DOSBox for nostalgia
  • Parallels Desktop, for everything else