XAPI On CentOS 6

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There is a project to get XCP running on CentOS 6.3


To track progress, we will meet:

  • #centos-devel on freenode
  • Tuesdays at 17.00 UTC

The current agenda:

  • Progress with building
  • Progress with packing
  • Other related packages
    • OVS

To add more agenda items, please add above, or email John Garbutt.

Past Meetings

  • Tuesday 12th March 2013
    • Progress:
      • permissions issues, possible fix, storage not quite working, OVS not quite working, VM not quite starting
      • agreed success criteria: VM working, with OVS vif, VHD disk (+ maybe raw iSCSI disk)
    • Packaging:
      • work on OCAML 4.00.1 (or 3.12.1)
      • OPAM is probably not needed for the rpm packaging, but may need omake, ocamlfind and others
      • try to avoid automake etc. upgrade, only needed for OPAM
      • Others: wait till we have a working prototype
    • Next meeting:
      • same time next week
  • Tuesday 5th March 2013
    • Quick update, only Mike and John present

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