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m (The following features/proposals have been completed)
(The following features/proposals have been completed)
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| [[Cross-host VDI.copy]]
| [[Cross-host VDI.copy]]
| [http://wiki.xen.org/wiki/Compressing_VM_Exports Compressing VM exports]
| [[Compressing VM Exports]]

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This index is incomplete: there are more documents in Category:XCP & Category:Design Document.

This page contains links to features and designs that have been implemented or are currently being in XCP. These documents can help you understand how XCP works.

The following features/proposals have been completed

Emergency Network Reset
Cross-host VDI.copy
Compressing VM Exports

The following features/proposals are currently being implemented

NIC bonding improvements
domain tasklets
GPU pass-through API support
XAPI on Debian
XAPI on Ubuntu

Design Documents

XAPI Dispatch
XAPI fake presence of PV drivers
XAPI Pool Join
XAPI Startup
XAPI VM Migration
XAPI Adding Field
XAPI Adding Function