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Xen systems are typically booted with GrUB. The GrUB "kernel" is Xen itself. The kernel image for domain 0 is given to grub as the first "module". An initrd for domain 0, if required, is specified as a further module. A number of options can be passed to Xen on the command line.
/!\ For an up-to-date list see the [http://www.cl.cam.ac.uk/research/srg/netos/xen/readmes/user/user.html#s:xboot user manual]. Options available on version 3.0 are (with examples for common options):
{| border="1" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="0"
| '''Parameter'''
| Description
| Initial domain 0 memory allocation in kBytes
| Set the physical RAM address limit. (beyond is ignored)
| Pins domain 0 VCPUs on their respective
|<code><nowiki>|com1=115200,8n1</nowiki></code> <code><nowiki>com2=</nowiki></code>
| Serial console details for Xen (Linux will need its own serial console configuration if required). Format is <baud>,DPS,<io-base>,<irq>.
| Comma-separated list of console outputs (see also [[#xencons|xencons=]])
| Force synchronous console output.
| ''VGA'' console mode and options
| Specify how to switch serial-console input between Xen and DOM0.
| Ctrl-A ''three times''
| ACPI tables are not parsed
| '''<code><nowiki>noreboot</nowiki></code>'''
| Don't reboot the machine automatically on errors.
| Disables secondary processors
| ACPI and MP tables are ignored (implies noacpi, nosmp)
| Run a watchdog NMI on each processor
| List of PCI slots to hide from domain 0, Format is '(%02x:%02x.%1x)(%02x:%02x.%1x)' and so on.
| Comma-separated list of hexadecimal page numbers containing bad bytes. e.g. 'badpage=0x3f45,0x8a321'
| Scheduler - see Users' Manual
| Force an IO-APIC-routed IRQ to be level-triggered. Example: 'leveltrigger=4,5,6,20 edgetrigger=21'
| Force an IO-APIC-routed IRQ to be edge-triggered. Example: 'leveltrigger=4,5,6,20 edgetrigger=21'
| One of: <code><nowiki>fatal</nowiki></code>: Xen prints diagnostic message and then hangs. <code><nowiki>dom0</nowiki></code>: The NMI is virtualised to DOM0. <code><nowiki>ignore</nowiki></code>: The NMI error is cleared and ignored.
| Name of serial port for Xen pervasive debugger (and enable pdb)
| A character pair controlling console switching. CTRL+<char1> is used to switch console input between Xen and DOM0. Char 2: If this character is 'x', then do not auto-switch to DOM0 when it boots. Any other value, or omitting the char, enables auto-switch
| Trace buffer size (in pages)
| x86-64 only. Size of Xen heap in megabytes, excluding the pfn_info table and allocation bitmap
| Disable software IRQ balancing and affinity.
| Print more detailed information about local APIC and IOAPIC
|<code><nowiki>|lapic</nowiki></code> / <code><nowiki>nolapic</nowiki></code>
| Force / Ignore use of local APIC
| Specify NUMA platform...
| Disables Hyper-Threading
=== [[XenLinux]] Boot Options : ===
''In addition to the standard <u>Linux kernel</u> boot options, we support:''
<span id="xencons"></span>
* `xencons=tty' :: Read http://www.cl.cam.ac.uk/research/srg/netos/xen/readmes/user/user.html 's [[XenLinux]] Boot Options

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