Xen ARM with Virtualization Extensions/Arndale

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The work for Xen on the Arndale Development board is on his way. So don't expect to have a usable dom0 yet.

Starting Xen

The bootloader provided with the Arndale does not let Xen boot in hypervisor mode, so we will use the u-boot provided by Linaro.

Follow the step on the Linaro wiki, to build and install u-boot.

To Build, get the source tree from the repo, which contain patches to get serial and other device working on the board. Then, Build Xen on ARM.

Next step is to build Linux. So far, the development have been done using the Linux tree from Linaro, building linux. Just make sure to "git checkout lue_arndale_3.7" and have those config options in .config:


Also, multi CPU does not work yet with Xen on ARM, so make sure to remove: