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Getting Xen on the Chromebook is not an easy task, there is no serial port easily accessible. This page will try to get you to run Xen on the Samsung ARM Chromebook.

Running a simple Linux distribution

We should start with running a simple Linux on a SD card (not ChromeOS). There is plenty of doc on internet, show your <your-favorite-search-engine>-skill. To simplify the Xen developpement, make sure to have 2 kernel partition on your sd-card, so you will be able to switch between the Xen kernel and the Linux kernel with more ease.

There is some information about the ChromeOS developer mode and the boot sequence on their wiki page Samsung ARM Chromebook.




Tree based on the kernel tree from the ChromiumOS project.



Branch: chromebook-2013-03-22

And follow the guide to build Xen on ARM.


The ChromiumOS project.


http://chromeos-cr48.blogspot.co.uk/, but not sure which posts are relevant.