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The following items are features or work items to be implemented in future XCP releases

Architectural Improvements

Other Wishlist Items

Handling guest tools in appliances
An API for disk deltas
XCP Installer upgrades the distribution
OCFS 2 SM backend
Guest RPC mechanism
Convenient HTTP GET URL for consoles
Extend ocamldebug to support multiple threads
XenDbg - Xen Debugger support
Xen/XCP kernel/userland packages for Debian Ubuntu RHEL
Move HTTP server into a separate process
Pool master in a VM
Improve SR-IOV support
Automated pool configuration
Better error handling
Better parameterization of xapi
Extra external authentication plugins
Pool split
Better iSCSI multipathing
pxe boot xcp using a stateless ramdisk root
Expose new xen features
Database rollback
Procedure to remove database fields
Domain management daemon
Upgrade pool hosts in any order
Helper VMs
GlusterFS SR backend