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Project Status

This project is in incubation and has recently not had much traction. A decision on whether to archive the project needs to be made at the latest by Q1 2012.

Xen Client Initiative Project

The purpose of the Xen Client Initiative (XCI) is to align currently disparate activities within the Xen.org community for a Xen client hypervisor: agreeing on architecture, co-ordinating development, and accelerating the availability of a Xen hypervisor client. The ultimate goal of the project is to define a standard framework for supporting service domain virtual appliances on client devices. This would encompass packaging, installation and configuration of service domains (likely building on the concepts in DMTF OVF), but also define APIs for enabling a service domain to control and inspect/modify VMs under its control, and to interpose itself in their IO paths.

The XCI Project has four working groups looking at different aspects of the overall project (each working group has its own page in the Wiki):

  • Hypervisor Core
  • VM Services
  • Domain 0
  • Hypervisor Services Framework

All questions about the XCI project should be directed to community.manager@xen.org.