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(XCP 1.1 has actually been released)
(1.1 has been released)
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| Final Release
| Final Release
== XCP 1.1 "Oxford" Roadmap ==
Features added since XCP 1.0:
* Security updates and bug fixes
* [[IntelliCache]]: enables you to use a combination of Shared storage and local storage caching.
* Local Storage Spans All Physical Volumes: When EXT local storage is used on a host containing multiple physical disks, the local Storage Repository (SR) now spans all the disks in a single LVM volume group.
* Reset-on-boot VM behaviour. Disks with the on-boot option set to reset, is now available for disks in any type of SR. (Previously it was only available for disks in NFS and EXT SRs.)
* Block SCSI Generic Support. BSG support added enabling full compatibility with Emulex and QLogic management functionality.
* Enhanced guest OS support. Support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 6.
=== Remaining XCP 1.1 work items ===
{| border="1" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="0"
| '''Due Date'''
| '''Person responsible'''
| 23 Jun 11
| Jon Ludlam
| 23 Jun 11
| Mike [[McClurg]]
| Todd Deshane
=== Work-items which have been started, but did not quite make it into XCP 1.0 ===
{| border="1" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="0"
| '''Item'''
| Complete [http://sourceforge.net/projects/vastsky/ VastSky] integration
| [[NIC bonding improvements]]
| [[Cross-host VDI.copy]]

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XCP 1.1 has been released

XCP Release Timeline

XCP 1.5 "Boston"

XCP 1.5 "Boston" is version-compatible with XenServer 6.0. It's the first XCP release to be based on Xen 4.1. We have some internal work to do both on our build system and xapi before we can release XCP 1.5, but after we complete this work it will be much easier for us to release stable versions of XCP along with XenServer stable releases. This means that after these changes, there won't be any more long delays between XCP stable releases and XenServer releases.

RC1 release
Final Release

XCP 1.5 "Boston" Roadmap

Features that will likely make it into XCP 1.5

  • Xen hypervisor 4.1
  • vSwitch is the default networking stack
  • Ubuntu guest support
  • Debian Squeeze guest support (32b/64bit)
  • Updated RHEL 6.0 support
  • Experimental SLES 10 SP4 support
  • Experimental Solaris guest support
  • Active-Passive NIC Bonding Support for vSwitch
  • Rolling Pool Upgrade improvements

Possible features for future XCP releases


  • Cross-pool VM.migrate / VM.copy
  • "Shard" the pool metadata db
  • IPV6 support


  • v4v for non-IP inter-domain comms
  • Detect pending updates for appliances

Performance and Scalability

  • Expose NUMA topology via XenAPI
  • Stubdoms for intensive ops (eg VM export)


  • Enable Xen Security Modules
  • Pvgrub (or pygrub in helper domain)

XCP Project Kronos Roadmap

Project Kronos will port XCP's XenAPI toolstack to Debian-based systems. This planning section is a work in progress, and more information will be provided soon.

Initial Kronos packages added to Debian Sid
Ubuntu PPA for Kronos packages ready for Oneiric
Fully functional Kronos packages distributed with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

/!\ We have been using a Google Docs spreadsheet to track our more detailed work-item list. You can find that list here.)