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Getting started with MediaWiki

The Xen Wiki uses MediaWiki and quite a few resources

Conventions for our Wiki

Icon Info.png For more information on Wiki conventions check out our guide on the Wiki Community page.

Wiki Users

  • We do not currently require users to register with the wiki before you can edit pages
  • However, we do encourage our users to create an account such
  • We will monitor whether there is an issue and may change access control in future

Protecting Wiki Pages

We do not currently protect Wiki pages. We will monitor the situation and may change policy in future.

Navigation through Categories

We use categories to help manage Wiki pages: each Wiki page should be at least in one category. For more information on Category conventions see Improving Navigation through Categories.

The main categories are used in the Wiki's navigation structure on the left. Pages in these categories will be automatically added to the index.

Page Management Templates

We use a set of templates to manage and highlight the state of Wiki pages. For more information on Page Manegment conventions see Managing Pages via Templates.