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Before you continue reading, join the wiki as a user. We do not require for you to do this, but encourage you to register.

Why we need YOU!

The Wiki has existed for some time and as with many Wiki's contains a lot of content that is out-of-date, or not relevant any more. We decided to migrate to a new MediaWiki based wiki, which allows us a fresh start. We hope to be able to mobilize Xen community members and are planning a number of regular activities and approaches:

  • Regular Document Days on IRC
  • Recognize community members for their contributions
  • Make new Wiki much more manageable by using Categories and other proven Wiki tools

Wiki Conventions

We want to make it as wasy as possible for users to use and find content in the new Wiki and also ensure that the Wiki remains up-to-ate.

Useful Built-in Wiki Pages

These pages will help editors spot pages that need work.

Changes Missing Content Manage Pages
Recent Changes Wanted Pages »» Create page Uncategorized Pages »» Categorize
Related Changes Wanted Files »» Upload file Action Needed »» Needs deletion, refactor, review, ...
Wanted Categories »» Create category TODO Item »» Contains TODO item
Wanted Templates »» Create template

Managing Pages via Templates

Templates to help manage content
Template When to use
Template:Needs_Archive Indicates that this page needs to be archived. Please specify a reason why.
Template:Needs_Delete Indicates that this page needs to be deleted. Please specify a reason why.
Template:Needs_Refactor Indicates that this page needs to be refactored, such as merging or splitting. Please be concrete about the reason and proposed ocurse of action.
Template:Needs_Review Indicates that this page needs to be reviewed. If specific parts of the page need reviewing or are incorrect, please state in the macro.
Template:Needs_Rewrite Indicates that this page needs to be rewritten; in other words it is useful but contains lots of errors. Please provide more information in the macro.
Template:Needs_Recategorize Indicates that this page needs to be properly categorized. Please specify a reason why.
Template:TODO This is a generic template that indicates that something needs to be done to this page. Should only be used if the more specific templates are not applicable.
Other more generic templates
Template When to use
Template:Info This is a generic info box, which highlights some information about this page.
Template:Warning This is a generic warning box, which highlights some information about this page that typically warns the user of something.

Also see:

  • Help on Templates
  • Example on how to use any of the above templates:
    {{Info|This is an infobox with this text in the box}}
  • Another example:
    {{Needs_Archive|This page is out-of-date: this project completed in 2009.}}

Improving Navigation through Categories

Common Categories

Categories by audience
Category When to use
Category:Users This document is for users of Xen or any project hosted on
Category:Beginners This document is primarily targetted at beginners. Note that this category should primarily be used together with Category:Users.
Category:Developers This document is for developers of Xen or any project hosted on
Category:Project This document is primarily a project document such as a roadmap, TODO lis, minutes, etc. for a project hosted on
Category:Community This document is a community document that doesn't fit elsewhere. It is intended for general information of Xen and the community at large
Categories by lifetime
Category When to use
Category:Transient This document has a limited lifespan (e.g. it describes an event or a short-lived activity). Pages in this category should be reviewed at least annually and archived appropriately.
Category:Archived This document has been archived. TODO:We probably will need archive versions of some Categories
Categories by document type (note that these should be used in conjunction with audience categories)
Category When to use
Category:Overview This document contains an Overview document for a specific topic. Overviews are typically introductory and contain definitions, trade-offs, basic concepts, etc.
Category:FAQ This document contains one or several frequently asked questions including answers
Category:HowTo This document contains a HowTo document, which usually is a short tutorial
Category:Tutorial This document contains a step-by-step tutorial for a fairly complex use-case
Category:Compatibility This document contains a information about software - software, software - hardware and other compatibility.
Category:Index This document is largely an index to other pages.

Other Categories

These sections still need to be written.