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=== Technology ===
=== Technology ===
'''Hypervisor and Linux''':
* [[:Category:Xen|Xen Hypervisor]] - All Xen Project Hypervisor docs (not yet manually maintained)
* [[:Category:Xen|Xen Hypervisor]] - All Xen Project Hypervisor docs (not yet manually maintained)
* [[:Category:XAPI|XAPI]] - All XAPI docs
* [[:Category:XenARM|Xen ARM]] - All Xen Project ARM docs
* [[:Category:XenARM|Xen ARM]] - All Xen Project ARM docs
* [[:Category:PVOPS|PVOPS (Xen in Linux)]] - All PVOPS docs
* [[:Category:PVOPS|PVOPS (Xen in Linux)]] - All PVOPS docs
* [[:Category:Unikernels|Unikernels]] - Information related to various unikernels
* [[:Category:Unikraft|Unikraft]] - Unikraft is an SDK for building unikernels
* [[:Category:Mirage]] - Mirage OS is a unikernel
* [[:Category:Libvirt|Libvirt]] - All libvirt docs
* [[:Category:XAPI|XAPI]] - All XAPI docs
== Indexes for Specific Uses ==
== Indexes for Specific Uses ==

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Navigation and Top Level Indexes

Navigation by category

Our wiki categorizes pages strictly. This means, that you can use categories to navigate through content. Note that ...

  • Our category pages are not normally just indexes, but frequently have a hand-edited header, which highlight important information.
  • All documents are in one of these three categories: this makes it possible to browse
  • These categories are exposed in the sidebar
  • Note that these categories can be rather big!


Document Type

  • Manuals contains official Xen Project documentation
  • ManPage contains This section contains link to Xen Project manual pages that are generated from the Xen Project codebase
  • Overviews contains overview documents
  • FAQs contains Xen Project, XAPI, ... FAQs sorted by topic
  • HowTos contains Xen Project, XAPI, ... How To documents
  • Tutorials contains Xen Project, XAPI, ... tutorials
  • Example contains Xen Project, XAPI, ... examples
  • Compatibility contains information on compatibility
  • Glossary pages and definitions
  • Index Pages are lists of pages that are not categories


Hypervisor and Linux:




Indexes for Specific Uses

Release Related

Installation Related

Linux/Unix Distribution Related

Categories related to Linux/Unix distro. Typically contain tutorials, install info, etc. for a specific distro.

Cloud Related

Categories related to Xen Project integration with cloud stacks

Technology Related (Networking, Performance, Security, NUMA, VGA, ...)

Specialist topics on Xen Project software:

  • Category:Networking contains articles related to networking
  • Category:NUMA contains all articles related to the running (or to improving the support for doing so) of the Xen Project Hypervisor on NUMA architectures
  • Category:Performance contains documents, tuning instructions and benchmarks related to the performance of Xen Project, etc.
  • Category:Security contains documents related to Xen Project, etc. security
  • Category:VGA contains documents related to VGA, VTd, GPY passthrough, etc.
  • Category:XCI contains documents related to XCI aka the Xen Client Initiative

Development Related

These contain categories for developers:

  • Category:Development Process describes development processes, governance, etc..
  • Category:Design Document contains design documents, architecture descriptions, and so on: in short it contains documents that describe how parts of the codebase work. Documents in this category are mainly relevant for developers.
  • Category:OCaml related to the OCaml language, in which most of XAPI is implemented.

Community Related

Contributing to the Wiki