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Dario Faggioli


did his PhD at RETIS Lab, Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, in Pisa (Italy). During it, he worked on real-time scheduling within the Linux kernel, and got the chance to present some of what I did at the 2010 Linux Kernel Summit. He's currently employed by Citrix, working on the Xen Open Source hypervisor.

Contact Informations

  • web: personal Website;
  • e-mail: <raistlin_AT_linux_DOT_it>;
  • GnuPG Key Fingerprint: 2A78 AD5D B9CF A082 0836 08AD 9385 DA04 4DC8 3AC4;
  • jabber: dario.faggioli at;
  • skype: d.faggioli;
  • IRC: dariof on OFTC and Freenode.