Xen Maintainer, Committer and Developer Meeting/March 2013 Minutes

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  • Ian Campbell
  • Daniel De Graaf
  • Jan Beulich
  • Konrad Rzeszutek Wilk
  • Boris Ostrovsky
  • Matt Wilson
  • Olaf Herring
  • Sherry Hurwitz

Review of ACTIONS

  • MSI-X issue: Patch has been committed
  • Handling of functional degradation: James to work with his team to evaluate previous instances of such issues and propose specific solutions/patches to enable this to be done differently going forward
    • James not on the call, leave until next time.
    • Clarification by mail: more urgent things have pre-empted it.
  • 4.3 Release (PVH status)
    • Konrad updated George re status
    • Mukesh should be reposting by the end of the week
    • Was relying a bit on slip due to event channels to give breathing space.
    • ACTION: Konrad to follow up with Mukesh + raise the possibility of a slip on list.
  • Event Channel Scalability:
    • Citrix platform team (Wei) have resumed work on the 3 level stuff
      • Favour the existing code over the proposed but unimplemented alternative for 4.3
      • Core stuff is ok, mostly discussion of config option names etc (probably not an issue for the freeze)
    • James not on call so no news RE XenServer team and QUEUE/FIFO model resourcing.
    • Clarification by mail: We're spinning up an internal project to reserve resource for this. I'll update after our resourcing meeting next week.

Current technical challenges

  • AMD are investigating a performance regression of WinXP as a guest
    • Discussion has been on list
    • Time seems to run at half speed for the guest
    • Probably also an issue in 4.2
    • A changeset has been fingered but it is hard to see why this affects time.
    • Investigation ongoing, this is a high priority for AMD.

Coordination on current and future work


Next call

Konrad volunteered to send out the Agenda for next time in my absence. Thanks Konrad!