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Community Reviewed Project List

Xen Project Team Project List Small Code Contributions Contact Information

Skills needed:
Linux/BSD, C, scripting
Outreach Program Projects An easy way to get started (and show that you can set up the Xen Development Environment, fix an issue, build and test Xen, submit a patch, etc.) is to address a suitable number of Coverity Scan issues. Ask on xen-devel@ for a set of suitable Coverity issues. Note that this does not require any access to the Coverity scan results. Open bugs to fix under the Small Code Contribution Requirement can also be found on bugs.xenproject.org.

Also note that to do Hypervisor development, you will need to have the correct hardware. You can find more information on how to check whether you have the right hardware at Outreachy/Hypervisor.

IRC: #xendevel
Mirage OS

Skills needed:
Linux/BSD, OCaml
MirageOS Pioneer Projects Ask on the list mirageos-devel@lists.xenproject.org
IRC: #mirage
Infrastructure & Community Infra and Community Projects These may differ per individual project. Projects that are currently available are:
  • Xen Code Review Dashboard requiring SQL, Java/Javascript, HTML5/XML skills. Extend based proof-of-concept code review dashboard and data collection infrastructure for the Xen Project. This will involve adding additional tools to analyse code review messages, add ElasticSearch indexes and possibly add and work with the developer community to add additional widgets and views to the Kibana based graphical dashboard.
These may differ per individual project. Contact information for projects are:

Skills needed:
Linux/BSD, OCaml
None at this stage Ask on the list xen-api@lists.xenproject.org
IRC: #xenapi