Xen Project Meltdown and Spectre Technical FAQ

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Where can I find the current patch series that fixes Meltdown/SP3

For guests with legacy PV kernels which cannot be run in HVM or PVH mode directly, we have developed two "shim" hypervisors that allow PV guests to run in HVM mode or PVH mode. The HVM shim (codenamed "Vixen") is available now (please refer to XSA-254 for more details). We expect to have the PVH shim (codenamed "Comet") available within a few days.


Development versions (older and ongoing):

Note the following comment in the Vixen series: This series is very similar to the PVH series posted by Wei and we have been discussing how to merge efforts. We were hoping to have more time to work this out. I am posting this because I'm fairly confident that this series is complete (all PV instances in EC2 are using this) and others might find it useful. I also wanted to have more of a discussion about the best way to merge and some of the differences in designs.

Other related patches under discussion

  • x86: Prerequisite work for a Xen KAISER solution - These patches are presented to start a discussion of the issues and to inform the decision on how to fix the issue for older Xen releases. The series as a whole is not in a suitable state for committing.

Where can I find the current patch series that fixes Spectre/SP2