2015 Unikernel User Summit

From Xen


We had about 60 attendees for a 4-hour session on August 21, 2015 at Texas Linux Fest. The event was well received and consisted primarily of people who did not know what a Unikernel was. It was organized in a week, about 5 weeks before the event, when the organizers of Texas Linux Fest made time available for an extended Unikernel event. It was an exceptional success, considering the last-minute creation of the event.


Docker and containers have gotten a lot of attention lately for their small size and easy deployment. But Unikernels offer even smaller sizes and huge advances in security! In the next generation of cloud, these are critical assets, so it is no wonder that Unikernels are beginning to draw serious interest.

In this event held at Texas Linux Fest, we will first discuss why Unikernels are important for the future of our industry, and then developers and users of various Unikernel systems will talk about the details of using various Unikernels. This event is focused on users with little or no experience with Unikernels, so all are welcome to attend!

Presentations will include HowTos for using OSv, Rump Kernels, MirageOS, and more. Xen Project is organizing the event because we seek to develop innovative technologies for virtualization and cloud. Many of these Unikernel systems have leveraged the Xen Project Hypervisor because we enable these small, secure workloads which will be needed in the next generation cloud, Internet of Things (IoT), and other new forms of computing.

Join us at Texas Linux Fest during their Tutorial Day as we talk about using Unikernels!


Sign up for the event by registering for Texas Linux Fest and attending our session on Friday. Right now, we are planning a half day worth of content, but it might expand if we get more presenters. Texas Linux Fest is a community event and ticket prices start at just $20 for 2 full days of excellent Free Software and Open Source conference content.


Confirmed sessions include:

-- The Next Generation Cloud: Unleashing the Power of the Unikernel: Russell Pavlicek

-- Getting Started in Unikernels Using the Rump Kernel: Justin Cormack

-- You Call that Micro, Mr. Docker? How OSv and Unikernels Help Micro-services Stay Micro: Roman Shaposhnik

-- Deploying a MirageOS Unikernel to the Public Cloud: Christopher Bothwell