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Meeting Minutes

Original Mail



please find attached the minutes from last week's Advisory Board meeting.
Mark Hinkle told me that the calendar invite had disappeared from his
calendar. Citrix has made some changes to its mail servers the week
before, so it is conceivable that there was a glitch and the invite has
disappeared. As we had so few attendees, can you please check that you
have invites for next month?

IMPORTANT: there are a few RESOLUTIONS that could not be passed because we
had no Quorum. These are marked as Resolution in the minutes below. Can
you please vote on these by email.

= Attendees =
* Sarah Conway (LF) 
* Lars Kurth 
* Antony Messerli (Rackspace)
* Sherry Hurwitz  (AMD) 
* James Bulpin (Citrix) 

No quorum

= Agenda =

== OIN (Lars) ==
Amanda Brock had approached me whether the Xen Project would want to become an OIN member. After discussing 
with Mike Dolan, this is not possible: only the Linux Foundation including all Collaborative Projects could.

What would be possible is to add Xen Project code to the scope of the
Linux Definition. I still think we should cover this briefly.

James: thought it a bit would be a little odd if the Linux Foundation or
Xen Project were OIN members.

Lars: that was also my initial reaction : the rationale provided by Amanda
Brock was that OIN membership by open source projects would make it easier for companies who have a
stake in open source projects to become OIN members. I do not feel very strongly about it: I merely raised it
because I have been repeatedly approached by Amanda Brock about this topic for several months now.

James: wanted to clarify whether ON membership decisions still have to be company by company?

Lars: Correct. Do you think that Linux Foundation or Xen Project membership of OIN would make a 
difference for Citrix?

James: I do not think it would make any difference for Citrix

Sherry: forwarded the last email to legal department (but have not heard back).

Sherry: also re-iterated that OIN membership must depends on each company's decision

Lars: Agrees

Lars: Doesn't see any harm involved, but can't see strong benefits. Also of course there is the issue 
that the Linux Foundation is the Xen Project's legal entity. At the very best the Xen Project could recommend 
to the LF that joining is a good thing and raise with the Linux Foundation.

== Resolution: Approve Membership Application Changes (Lars & LF) ==

The new membership document contains text changes relevant to the previously approved STARTUP membership 

* The two docs in the agenda mail shows the final version as well as the changes are in the original mail are attached in 
  a zip file

* A PDF containing the final version is attached - it contains changes to bullet numbering  from the agenda mail, but otherwise 
  no changes
Votes in favour:
James (Citrix) +1, but Mark Hinkle would need to confirm
Sherry (AMD) +1
Antony (Rackspace) +1

== OPW & GSoC (Lars) ==
* Preparing submission for GSoC - project list at http://wiki.xenproject.org/wiki/GSoC_2015
* I would like a quick round the table to see whether any orgs, but the usual mentoring orgs
- aka Citrix & Oracle - are willing to propose projects and mentor applicants.

No further discussion

=== Resolution to fund 2 OPW interns ($13K) in the May to Aug round ==
Note that  we reserved $26K in the budget for OP

Votes in favour:
James (Citrix) +1
Sherry (AMD) +1
Antony (Rackspace) +1

== Resolution: Review and Approve 2015 PR Plan (Sarah) ==
PR plan is attached Sarah added some highlights:
* Added more specific information compared to an earlier draft
* Trying to continue how to show momentum
* Trying to support OpenStack story
* Highlight areas of new growth: e.g. Mirage OS, security leadership, etc.
* Move from 1 to 2 news release per quarter: new members, new partnerships, etc.
* Release something related to OpenStack Q2. Other possible releases subproject: Mirage Release.
* NEW: Adding user testimonials, user surveys throughout the year
* In summary: we are having more quantity

Lars: asks whether the RedMonk meeting is going to happen at CollabSummit

Sarah: still trying to organize a time

Lars: states that is not clear whether we will can 2 press releases per
quarter, although  we appear to be on track for more Linux.com stories

Votes in favour of Resolution:
James (Citrix) +1
Sherry (AMD) +1
Antony (Rackspace) +1 

==  Update on Various Initiatives ==
* Hackathon @ Intel in Shanghai, April 28-29 - Want to get a feeling for
number of attendees from members (Lars)
See http://wiki.xenproject.org/wiki/Hackathon/April2015

Lars asks who would send people to Shanghai

James: minimum 4, maximum depends on cost of flights

* Xen - LF Interface and Issues (Lars) - Laura not on the call

ACTION: Lars/Laura set up a call
* TEST INFRA COLO Update (Lars)

Lars: besides one AMD machine and the ARM crate everything is in place

Lars: the bad weather has been an issue and has been slowing down delivery
and some  members of the team have had difficulties getting to the COLO

Lars: the ETA looks like the end of March

Lars: to Sarah : would launching the test infrastructure be news-worthy
(e.g. worth a press release)

ACTION Sarah: will together some thoughts to see whether it is news worthy
* OpenStack Update (Lars)

Lars: Patches in NOVA accepted, some new issues discovered - but all looks
on track

Lars: Asked the OpenStack Foundation whether we can have a Xen project
booth at the Vancouver summit

Answer: The Open Stack Foundation is planning a non-profit area and I will
be informed when more info is available

Lars: Xen Project blog is signed up to the aggregator

Lars: Anthony (Citrix) managed to run test suite in RAX cloud using nested virt

Lars: Still investigating timing and locking issues

Lars: Set up WG call (but included SUSE due to the amount of work they are

= AOB =


Related Off-line Votes (Summary)

See follow-up emails to http://lists.xenproject.org/archives/html/advisory-board/2015-02/msg00010.html & http://lists.xenproject.org/archives/html/advisory-board/2015-03/msg00000.html

Resolution: Approve Membership Application Changes (Lars & LF)

Refers to Xen_Project_Advisory_Board_Membership_Application.pdf - Key changes are in section F in the charter and in the application form

Votes in favour of Resolution (meeting):
James (Citrix) +1
Sherry (AMD) +1
Antony (Rackspace) +1 

Mark re-confirmed James' vote
Philippe Robin (ARM) +1
Susie Li (Intel)  +1
Konrad Wilk (Oracle) +1


Resolution to fund 2 OPW interns ($13K) in the May to Aug round

Votes in favour of Resolution (meeting):
James (Citrix) +1
Sherry (AMD) +1
Antony (Rackspace) +1 

Mark re-confirmed James' vote
Philippe Robin (ARM) +1
Susie Li (Intel)  +1
Konrad Wilk (Oracle) +1


Resolution: Review and Approve 2015 PR Plan (Sarah)

Refers to XenProjectPRPlan2015.pdf

Votes in favour of Resolution (meeting):
James (Citrix) +1
Sherry (AMD) +1
Antony (Rackspace) +1 

Mark re-confirmed James' vote
Philippe Robin (ARM) +1
Susie Li (Intel)  +1
Konrad Wilk (Oracle) +1