AB Meeting/July 2014 Minutes

From Xen


  • Lars (Chair Citrix)
  • Antony Messerli (Rackspace)
  • Don D Dugger (Intel)
  • James Bulpin, Mark Hinkle (Citrix)
  • Suravee Suthikulpanit (AMD)
  • Matt Wilson (AWS)
  • Philippe Robin (ARM)
  • Demetrios Coulis (CA)
  • Larry Wikelius (Cavium)

8 voting reps = quorum

  • Sarah Conway (LF)


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Action Update

Do this off-line by e-mail

Progress on Community Initiatives and Plan

Lars walked through the attached presentation on H1 progress (attachment [1])


  • Lars: asked whether anyone wanted to raise any questions / issues
  • Don : there appear to be no issues as everything is trending in the right direction
  • Larry: great job in pulling this together; we should brainstorm ideas on how to connect the project better to OEMs and distros at the face-2-face meeting

Pictogram voting comment 15px.png Action Lars: - schedule brainstorm on OEM and Distros for August meeting

  • Sarah: have Kevlin and Mike come back on helping with these?
  • Lars: Kevlin and Mike are working on a number of OEMs and Lars has set up meetings at the next OSS events
  • Lars: Kevlin asked whether it would be possible to invite observers at selected board meetings in the future

Motion.jpg Vote|Motion:  would anyone object inviting prospective member companies in future No objections - carried

Accounts (Brian)

Not covered as Brian was not present

Media Progress (Sarah)

Covered media report briefly (see attachment [2])

  • Sarah:
    • tying up Xen membership news with product news can significantly increase product awareness - in this case it gave us a boost of about 500m stories
    • Complete the audit
  • Sarah: status update for analyst meeting :
    • revised messaging (Lars reviewing) - almost ready for get AB input
    • in process of developing deck -behind pulling this together
    • Lars: Will we make OSCON?
    • Sarah: Not going to make OSCON - we could do a dry run, but it would be very "off the cuff"
    • Sarah will follow up with Lars, but recommends to delay to August for developer summit / linuxcon; September for the user summit is also an opportunities
  • Larry : in Q4 there are a lot of industry events where there could be good analyst exposure
  • Sarah, will work with Larry (and other volunteer AB members) on identifying these and check who has plans to attend
  • Mirage OS news release:
    • Planning for face-2-face interviews with Lars, Anil, and others
    • Will have a final draft today (or tomorrow) for the AB to review and approve
    • Release scheduled for July 22nd.
  • Review of messaging deck which was sent Jun 20th originally (also attached). Sarah walked quickly through the key points
    • So far Sarah has not received any feedback. Some AB members did not review

Pictogram voting comment 15px.png Action All: Review and provide feedback in time for August face-2-face meeting
Pictogram voting comment 15px.png Action Lars:: set up Q&A and brainstorm for the f2f meeting

  • Developer Summit : Feature some AB members in a video rail who are interested in working on a short blog post
    • Sarah and Lars will send out a proposal including cost for a member video promotion in the next few days


Updates on new Xen project membership prospects : I have been discussing membership with

  • GlobalLogic (definitely a positive and likely soon)
  • Applied Micro (waiting to hear more in a meeting today - this will take some time)
  • Qualcomm reached out to me proactively and I have to follow up when I have extra bandwidth
  • I will probably need to take an action to put together an updated "information pack"

However, we do have some structural weaknesses in the project membership and I would like to discuss whether anyone has any ideas on how we can address these. The most obvious weakness is that we do not have enough OEMs (the likes of HP, Dell, Lenovo) in x86 and that we don't have any Linux distros. This is related to the fact that the project has no direct route to market when it comes to end-users. Oracle is an OEM and has a Linux distro. Citrix to some degree too.

Test Framework

  • Discounted one of the COLO vendors based on cost
  • Have a supplier who can do sysadmin for the test software stack
  • Have a draft list of machines
  • Some loose ends: elements of power budget and detail of final machine specs - will need some sysadmin/consultancy time to speed up proposal
  • Expect a vote on all items at face-2-face in August
  • Will need some consulting time to finalize some set-up related tasks. This will help test the quality of the sysadmin supplier. Lars will send out a proposal for vote, when the Test Framework WG put together the proposal