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RESOLUTION: 2014 Xen Project Summit in Seattle

We briefly discussed the location of the 2014 summit at the last board meeting. Here is what I know:

  • LinuxCon/CloudOpen US will be in Seattle Aug 17-19
  • Linux Plumbers will be in Seattle Aug 19, with mini summits Aug 20 & 21st
  • There will also be a new Container Con Aug 20 & 21st
  • KVM Forum is thinking about Seattle, but have not yet decided. Dates would be Aug 19 – 21st. The bulk of the event would be held Aug 20 & 21st due to space constraints
  • I will need to confirm by the end of October at the latest.
  • If we did this, I would argue for board, developer and working group meetings and other informal discussions on Aug 19th to cater for space requirements. Maybe also for a user day on the 19th.
  • LinuxCon EU is most likely in Brussels end of September, but it is likely that there is not enough space to colocate. Also we always have a big presence in Brussels at FOSDEM, making collocating with LinuxCon in Brussels less attractive
  • I asked the community (see http://lists.xenproject.org/archives/html/xen-devel/2014-09/msg02861.html) for input and nobody argued for Brusseles and seems to have a problem with the overlapping events

Voting Results

  • Citrix : +1
  • CA : +1
  • Rackspace : +1
  • Cavium : +1
  • Intel : +1
  • ARM : +1
  • Amazon : +1
  • Oracle : +1
  • AMD : +1

9 in favour - carried

Further Information

See [1] for the proposal, voting and discussion thread

Result: see [2]