AB Votes/Outreach Program For Women Round 7

From Xen


I wanted to call a formal e-mail vote to sponsor one intern from the Gnome Program Women Outreach for the Xen Project. Please refer to Konrad’s thread called “$5750 for Gnome Program Women Outreach for December internship (or for the summer one)” for details.

To summarize the discussion

  1. The Xen project Can sponsor a intern to work on the Xen Project
  2. The intern would need to be mentored in line with the rules of the Gnome Program Women Outreach
  3. The intern should be mentored by a member company. Assuming members do not step up, I will failing that by another community member
  4. The cost to sponsor a intern is $5,750 + 15% administrative Linux Foundation fee
  5. We have enough funds (see below)

The project’s balance is 206,250$ - 30,937.50$ Linux Foundation G&A fee, which gives us an available total for 2013 of 175,312.50$. In the 2013 budget, we allocated $94K. As an aside, it is not likely that we will be able to spend the $94K this year.


Motion.jpg Vote|Motion:  Add an additional to the 2013 budget

  • ITEM: “Winter 2013/14 Gnome Program Women Outreach”
  • COST: $5,750
  • SUPPORTING OBJECTIVE: #3 “Supporting the Xen Project Developer Community”

The vote would need to be closed by October 15th and we need 7+ votes. To vote, please reply to this thread with “+1 and your company name”. Konrad already indicated that Oracle would vote in favour.


Votes in favour

  • Bromium
  • CA
  • Calxeda
  • Citrix
  • Google
  • Intel
  • Oracle

No other votes