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RESOLUTION: Post XSA 108 PR / Clarification

I am somewhat concerned about the media impact of XSA 108 and was wondering, whether the project needs to make a statement post embargo (Oct 1st). I am particularly concerned that phrases such as “Xen-Alypse” will stick and linger, which would have a negative impact on us all.

The question is whether we need to release some sort of formal communication. Assuming the answer is yes, we ought to identify vendors that support it and are willing to provide a view or supporting statement.

Please do not disclose any details of XSA 108, as not all Advisory Board members are part of the Pre-Disclosure list. A simple vote on whether we need communication and an indication whether you would be willing to provide a quote/view/supporting statement is all that is needed.

Voting Results

  • Citrix : +1
  • CA : +1
  • Rackspace : +1
  • Cavium : +1
  • Intel : +1
  • ARM : +1
  • Amazon : +1
  • Oracle : +1
  • AMD : +1

9 in favour - carried Result: see [1]

Further Information

See [2] for the proposal, voting and discussion thread