Archive/Installing the Xen Cloud Platform (XCP) Command Line Interface (CLI) (XE)

From Xen

XCP does not come with the 'xm' CLI you may have used for managing traditional Xen. Instead, XCP is managed via it's built-in API ("xapi").

XCP comes with several CLI management clients built into dom0 (the thin hypervisor host), including:

* xe (/usr/bin/xe) which uses the XAPI and can be run from any network host
* xl (/opt/xensource/bin/xl)

It may be desirable to run the 'xe' tool from another Linux box you use for management. To setup the CLI tools (xe), the best way I've found is described below.

The steps essentially boil down to:

1. Download the XCP ISO.
2. Mount the XCP install CD.
3. Look in the packages.main/ directory. There will be an rpm called xapi-xe-[version].i686.rpm. 
4. Install that on your system based on the example instructions below

Example commands I ran

cd ~
mount -o loop XCP-1.1-base-50674.iso /mnt
cd /mnt/packages.main
cp xapi-xe-0.2-unknown.i686.rpm ~
cd ~

Followed by...

  • Ubuntu (apt) installation instructions
apt-get install stunnel4
alien --scripts xapi-xe-0.2-unknown.i686.rpm
dpkg -i ./xapi-xe_0.2-1_i386.deb
  • RedHat/CentOS (rpm) installation instructions
yum install stunnel
rpm -ivh xapi-xe-0.2-unknown.i686.rpm

xe is now installed.

xe help