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XCP Documentation

Per the explanation on, the best documentation for XCP is the official Citrix XenServer docs for 5.6, available here:

XCP 1.0 is derived from XenServer 5.6 with a number of differences, such as additions and omissions.

This documentation is best combined with knowledge of the feature differences between XCP and XenServer, as explained on the XCP/XenServer Feature Matrix comparison page.

For now, we are listing differences in these wiki pages to aid the creation of independent future XCP documentation. If you identify any further differences, please feel free to add changes yourselves or to ask an appropriate question on xen-api. This is a community effort: having come across an issue and tracking it here, will help others.

XenServer Features not in XCP

Please visit the XCP/XenServer Feature Matrix comparison page for a full feature comparison matrix.

XCP Features not in XenServer

  • VastSky SM backend integration (this is a development version in alpha state in XCP 1.0)
  • Performance Monitoring is not in the free version of XenServer

Add chapters with more detailed differences here

Errata List

This section refers to pages in XenServer 5.6 documentation that do not apply for XCP.

  • Functionality related to features not supported in XCP
  • Add URL's to XenServer documentation including a chapter reference and brief description here