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Xapi Project Sprint wk26 - 2013.06.25

Xapi sprint

This is the summary of the week 26 sprint for the xapi team. This table references an internal ticket tracking system (CA, CP numbers). We are unable to publish this ticket system externally, but since these ticket numbers are referenced in commit messages, we are publishing the ticket numbers and their titles here. These are not meant to be full descriptions of the work done, but an overall summary of work that was accomplished in this sprint. For discussion, please email the mailing list with a reference to the ticket number in the subject.

Internal ticket Title of ticket Category
CA-89974 Live migrate fails on IPv6-preferring hosts Bug
CA-90319 Toolstack issues multiple XEN_DOMCTL_deassign_device hypercalls for every single PCIPassthrough'd device Bug
CA-92550 Cannot read /sys/hypervisor/uuid after soft reboot Bug
CA-109013 Cross-pool migration broken on trunk-ring3 (and now also trunk) Bug
CP-4562 Fusion/hydrogen: xenopsd with libxl Work item
CP-4563 Fusion/Hydrogen: re-submit v2 of patches to libxl ocaml bindings for review upstream Work item
CP-4786 Make a "canonical" example for other XenServer OSS components Improvement
CP-5020 Implement a vchan driver for Mirage and UNIX userspace New Feature
CP-5056 Write post about XCP and Xapi-project news Work item
CP-5084 Create script to retrieve and build ocaml packages from a CSV config file in xen-dist-ocaml.hg Work item
CP-5119 Migrate github/xen-org to github/xapi-project Work item
CP-5126 Import xenostats backend code to xcp-rrdd repo Work item
CP-5129 Import recent xcp-rrd/xcp-rrdd changes to standalone repository Work item
CP-5130 Import relevant xen-dist-ocaml changes in ea-1254 branch to trunk-ring3-ea1254 branch Work item
CP-5153 Make DHCP work in distros other than Citrix XenServer Work item
CP-5156 XAC - Implement Data Layer Work item
CP-5157 Write OSS code splash page Story
CP-5174 Write a xapi-project roadmap Story
CP-5189 Abstract for XenServer OSS presentation at LinuxCon Story