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This roadmap is a list of high-level releases related to the Xapi Project. Xapi development itself will follow a two-week sprint cycle, inside of a quarterly "train" cycle (trains are like sprints-of-sprints). Each sprint may accomplish individual bug fixes and new features, while with each train we will attempt to introduce larger, more meaningful sets of features.

At the end of every sprint, we'll bump the micro version number of the xen-api source repo, and will update the changelog with bug fixes and new features. Every quarter, at the end of each train, we'll bump the minor version to indicate the large new feature sets which should by then be stable. Sprints and trains themselves will be named for the calendar week on which they finish; sprints will begin on a Wednesday and end on a Tuesday.

Details on individual sprints can be found in Category:XAPI Sprints

We will populate this roadmap with information on upcoming sprint finish dates, and upcoming train finish dates, with a short explanation of the things we wish to accomplish in each.

Milestone Date Notes/comments
XCP toolstack in Ubuntu Precise 2012.04.12 Ubuntu Precise released this day with xcp-xapi-1.3.2
XCP 1.6 2012.11.26 Xen Cloud Platform ISO stable release (parallels XenServer 6.1)
XCP toolstack in Debian Wheezy 2013.05.04 Debian Wheezy released this day with xcp-xapi-1.3.2
Xapi Project Sprint wk26 2013.06.25 xenopsd-on-libxl, xcp-rrdd improvements, xenostats improvements, xapi-in-CentOS work
XenServer 6.2/XCP ISO release 2013.06.26 Next release of XenServer (this supercedes XCP ISO)
Xapi Project Sprint wk28 2013.07.09 Bug fixes, XAC, xapi+centos packaging, vGPU, networking improvements
Xapi Project Sprint wk30 2013.07.23 Bug fixes, XAC, build system improvements, xapi disagregatoin
Xapi Project Sprint wk32 2013.08.06 Bug fixes, XAC, build system improvements, xapi disagregatoin
Train 13T40 2013.10.01 "Fusion" (Ceph storage, upstream qemu), CentOS RPM packaging