Checklist/Creating Events

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Who can add events?

Registered users of can add entries to the Event List. You should only add listings for: a) CFP's for your project b) If are giving a Xen related talk at an open source or industru event

Steps to Perform to add a listing

Step 1: Log into the website and go to the events list

Step 2: Create an Event

Checklist-Create Event.png

Step 3: Chose Event Details

Checklist-Create Event Details.png
Then save.


  • If you advertise a CFP, make sure you include the Event Title and Looking for Xen submissions (or more specific to the title)
  • If you advertise a Xen talk at an event, make sure you link to the actual talk (not the event)
  • Also, please use the syntax for the button as highlighted above
  <p><a class="btn btn-info btn-big" href="Add URL HERE">More Info ...</a></p>
  • Make sure you set the correct timezone and approximate the time to the closest 15 minutes as possible

Once you created an event

You can

  • Change the image
  • Edit the event
  • Create an event from one of your existing events

Checklist-Modify Event.png