Checklist/Invoicing the Xen Project

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This page outlines the process of

  • Quotes for the Xen Project
  • Getting quotes approved
  • Invoicing the Xen Project

What needs to be on a quote and invoice

The billing address for the Xen Project is

The Linux Foundation
660 York Street, Suite 102
San Francisco, CA 94110

The quote/bill needs to contain a reference to the Xen Project, e.g.

Food bill for social event for Xen Project Hackathon
Items with cost breakdown underneath


GNOME Outreach Program for Women summer 2014 session sponsor – Includer level for the Xen Project

Getting Quotes

Community members (=requester of a quote) may act on behalf of the project and obtain quotes from vendors. Please make sure that quotes are structured in the way listed above.

Once the requester is happy with the quote, he/she will contact the community manager and ask for a board vote for approval.


All Xen Project expenditure needs to be approved by the Category:Advisory Board. The community manager will make a proposal for an expenditure to the Advisory Board and link it to an item in the budget. The board will approve in line with its voting rules.

The community manager, will keep track of approved expenditure in the project's budget

Where to send invoices to (after approval)

E-mail your invoice to

  • the requester of the invoice (this is the person who acts on behalf of the Xen Project)
  • AND the community manager: via community dot manager at xenproject dot org

The invoice will then be passed on to the right person such that it can get processed