QA Procedures

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This page provides information about QA procedures of the GPL releases of Xen.

One of the first and currently most important tasks not handled as of yet for this team is taking care of Xen's Bug database, the tasks for this are described on the page BugManagement. Apart from that, if we have more time to invest, there could be many more tasks done (some describedhere), like:

  • Adding missing unit tests for the python tools (and checking the code coverage state of the current code)
  • Setting up automated test systems for as much functions as possible, and as much different combinations of hardware and software configurations
  • ...

There is already some work being done in these areas, but it's not centrally coordinated - as to my knowledge, some businesses run their internal testing farms and regularly tests some areas of the Xen code. All these efforst could be coordinated or at least documented centrally at this page.

Coordination and other resources

As of yet, the following pages are available:

  • XenTest - Testing Xen regularly and automatically
  • BugManagement - tracking and handling bugs and information about them efficiently
  • ReportingBugs - how to report bugs