Running XCP/xapi on ARM

From Xen

This is still under development-- if you have trouble then send an email to the xen-api mailing list.

You will need

  • a Cubieboard2 or a Cubietruck
  • an SD card which you can flash

First download one of the Mirage pre-built images on your development box:


Untar to reveal the image file itself:

 tar -xvf $FILE.tar

Insert your SD card into your development box and discover the device name. You must find the correct device! Don't overwrite the wrong device! You can flash the SD with something like:

 sudo dd if=$FILE.img of=$MY_SD_DEVICE bs=1M
 sudo sync

Eject the SD card and insert it into your Cubie. I recommend attaching the serial console but the image will also advertise itself using multicast DNS as 'cubieboard.local' or 'cubietruck.local'. Power on the cubie and wait for it to boot.

Log into the cubie with mirage/mirage and add 2 new repos:

 cd /etc/apt/sources.list.d
 sudo wget
 sudo wget
 sudo apt-get update

Now install the xapi toolstack using apt-get:

 sudo apt-get install xenserver-core

Unfortunately xapi (or rather xcp-networkd) doesn't like bridges being made for it, so edit your /etc/network/interfaces to read:

 auto lo
 iface lo inet loopback
 auto eth0
 iface eth0 inet dhcp
   up ip link set eth0 up

i.e. remove the 'br0' bridge configuration.

Reboot the Cubie to clear the network state. Note the current kernel has a bug causing reboot to hang. Pull the power (and the serial cable in case you're seeing leakage from it), wait a few seconds and then reinsert.

Log back into the Cubie and run the setup wizard:

 sudo xenserver-install-wizard

Be patient while xapi starts -- if you see some errors on the terminal don't worry. If it fails then run it again: it should be idempotent. If it still doesn't work then email the list.

Now you should be able to run 'sudo xe' and connect XenCenter!