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I try to compile XCP and get some errors. Does anyone can help me to resolve this problem?

omake -j 8 phase1

      • omake: reading OMakefiles
      • omake: finished reading OMakefiles (0.16 sec)

- build ocaml/idl datamodel_values.cmx + ocamlfind ocamlopt -package xml-light2,sexpr,log,http-svr -g -dtypes -thread -warn-error +a-4-6-9-27-28-29 -ccopt -fPIC -I ocaml_backend -I ../database -I .. -c File "", line 28, characters 17-33: Error: Unbound module XMLRPC

      • omake: 323/353 targets are up to date
      • omake: failed (0.23 sec, 0/38 scans, 1/85 rules, 1/454 digests)
      • omake: targets were not rebuilt because of errors:
     depends on: ocaml/idl/
     depends on: ocaml/idl/
     depends on: ocaml/idl/

Try following the instructions on
GarveyPatrickD 22:12, 19 August 2012 (UTC)