XAPI Design and Code Review

From Xen

The Xapi code repositories are on Github in the xapi-project organisation.

If you want to make a change to Xapi then you should:

  1. if it's a bug: make a pull request with a code fix (maybe simply an experimental one for comments-- don't be shy!)
  2. if it's a new feature or impacts multiple components: describe your proposed changes in markdown first in a design doc pull request. This allows the general approach to be checked before you spend too much time coding everything up. Assuming everything is ok, you should also produce updates to the relevant technical documentation too, so they don't get out-of-sync.

To understand the level of detail required of a design doc, have a look at the Design Docs Index.

In both cases (code changes and doc changes) you should expect prompt feedback. If nothing has happened for a week or so, feel free to comment on the pull request to ask if there has been any progress and/or send an email on the xen-api mailing list

If at any point you aren't sure what to do then ask on the xen-api mailing list