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Icon Info.png This section contains link to Xen developer documents that are generated from the Xen codebase. They reflect the state of xen-unstable.hg. We do not yet have versions for specific Xen releases, but will have them in future

API & Protocol Documentation

Document(s) Description
Hypercall Interfaces API description of Xen hypercalls
Xenstore Protocol Specification
Xen Error Handling Describes different ways to handle errors
Xen HVM emulated device unplug protocol The protocol covers three basic things: a)Disconnecting emulated devices; b)Getting log messages out of the drivers and into dom0; c)Allowing dom0 to block the loading of specific drivers.
Xen dump-core file format


Document(s) Description
Xen crash debugger notes Xen has a simple gdb stub for doing post-mortem debugging. This document shows how to use it.
Kexec and Kdump for Xen This is a brief guide to using Kexec and Kdump in conjunction with Xen. This functionaly works at the level of the hypervisor and dom0 kernel. And will thus affect all guests running on a machine.

How to use ...

Document(s) Description
Xen Hypervisor Command Line Options List of hypervisor command line options.
A Rough Introduction to Using Grant Tables Grant tables are a mechanism for sharing and transferring frames between domains, without requiring the participating domains to be privileged.

Notes on Experimental Features

Document(s) Description
How to use QEMU upstream
VBD Interface
Virtual TPM support This document gives a short introduction to the virtual TPM support in XEN and goes as far as connecting a user domain to a virtual TPM instance and doing a short test to verify success. It is assumed that the user is fairly familiar with compiling and installing XEN and Linux on a machine.
Xen Paging
XSM:FLASK These notes are compiled from xen-devel questions and postings that have occurred since the inclusion of XSM. These notes are not intended to be definitive documentation but should address many common problems that arise when experimenting with XSM:FLASK.