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What is the Windows PV Driver Subproject/team?

This project has taken the the XenServer Windows PV Drivers, re-written them and contributed them to the Xen Project. The Windows PV Driver Subproject is developing these drivers under Xen Project governance. One of the reasons to do this, is to make the drivers more easily signable and distributable via the Windows driver update mechanism. Note that the subproject is not maintaining the GPL PV drivers.

You can find drivers at the Xen Project download page.

What are the GPLPV Drivers and where can I get them?

A collection of open source Window PV drivers that allow Windows to be para-virtualized. They are currently being implemented under the leadership of James Harper. More information on these drivers at:

How can I tell if the GPLPV Drivers are loaded correctly?

If the drivers are installed correctly there should be a Xen Project device under 'System Devices' in device manager.

Can I get signed GPLPV Drivers?

Yes, you can get signed GPLPV drivers from univention.de and from [[::Category:Windows PV Drivers]].