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Xen Project Configuration

Page Description
Xen Project CLI Command line options for Xen Project software to be used in /boot/grub/grub.conf
EFI Configuring Xen Project software to work with EFI.

Xen Project Man Pages

Man page Description Console
xl(1) Xen Project management tool, based on LibXenlight XL

... ...

xl.cfg(5) XL Domain Configuration File Syntax: to create a VM (a domain in Xen Project terminology, sometimes called a guest) with xl requires the provision of a domain config file. XL
xl.conf(5) XL Global/Host Configuration: allows configuration of hostwide xl toolstack options XL
xlcpupool.cfg(5) XL Cpupool Configuration File Syntax: to create a Cpupool with xl requires the provision of a cpupool config file. XL
xentop(1) xentop displays information about the Xen Project system and domains, in a continually-updating manner. XENTOP
xenpm(1) Xenpm is a userspace tool that can list the power information of available processors and control the power policy according to users' preference. XENPM
xenstore(1) Xenstore holds configuration and status information for a xen based system. This command allows you to query and interact with xenstore. XENSTORE
xenstore-chmod(1) Xenstore holds configuration and status information for a xen based system. This command allows you to change permissions of data in xenstore. XENSTORE
xenstore-ls(1) Xenstore holds configuration and status information for a xen based system. This command allows you to list information held in xenstore XENSTORE

Supporting Documents for XL

Document Description
xl-disk-configuration(5)) This document specifies the xl config file format disk configuration option.
xl-network-configuration(5) This document specifies the xl config file format vif configuration option.
xl-numa-placement(7) This document describes the automatic placement options for NUMA hardware in XL.
xen-tscmode(7) tsc_mode configuration In Xen Project 4.*, a new config option called tsc_mode may be specified for each domain. This document is targeted for Xen Project users and administrators that may need to select a non-default tsc_mode.

Other Man pages

Document Description
xen-vbd-interface(7) This document specifies the config file syntax with examples for Virtual Block Devices (VBDs)
xen-pv-channel(7) A PV channel is a low-bandwidth private byte stream similar to a serial link. This document explains how to use channels.
xen-pci-device-reservations(7) This document describes the usage and allocation of PCI vendor IDs
xen-vtpm(7) Man page showing how to use vTPM in Xen
xen-vtpmmgr(7) Man page showing how to use the vTPM Manager in Xen
xentrace(8)) xentrace - capture Xen trace buffer data
xentrace_format(1) xentrace_format - pretty-print Xen trace data

Advanced Topics

Document(s) Category Description Also See
Environment Variables for different Linux distros Distros With directory layout differences between Red Hat, Debian, Suse and other distros one needs to set the variables for CONFIG_LEAF_DIR, SUBSYS_DIR and INITD_DIR. Distros
How to do PCI Passthrough with VT-d PCI Passthrough VGA
Xen PCI Passthrough Overview, VT-d HowTo
Virtual TPM Example Configurations Security This document describes examples which use virtual TPMs to provide security properties for guests. Security
XSM/FLASK Configuration Security Flask is the Xen Project's equivalent of SELinux. A more thorough user guide can be found at Xen Security Modules : XSM-FLASK. Security
VT-d HOWTO PCI Passthrough How to use Intel's VT-d extensions. VGA
x86 PV Bootloader Configuration The purpose of this document is to define the paths within the guest filesystem where a stage 1 bootloader should look for the in-guest PV bootloader to load and the protocol/format expected from the to-be-chainloaded bootloader.

Developer Topics

Document(s) Category Description Also See
Live Patching Design Developers Live Patching is a mechanism is required to binarily patch the running hypervisor with new opcodes that have come about due to primarily security updates. This document describes the design of the API that would allow us to upload to the hypervisor binary patches. Developers
Kexec, and kdump for Xen Project Developers Guide to using kexec to switch to a new kernel; and kdump for catching a dump image, with Xen Project. Developers
Xen Project Core Dump Format Developers Format of the output of the x{m,l} core-dump command Developers
XenStore Protocol Definition Developers Definition of standard behaviour, when using Xenstore. Developers
XenStore Paths Developers This document attempts to defines all the paths which are in common use by either guests, front-/back-end drivers, toolstacks etc. Developers
XenStore Ring Developers This document describes the xenstore ring datastructure and its usage. The xenstore ring is a datastructure stored within a single 4KiB page shared between the xenstore server and the guest. Developers
A rough introduction to using grant tables Developers Explanation of the data structures, and hypercalls required to share memory between domains. Developers
Xen Project Error Handling Developers Explanation of the various types of error (BUG, ASSERT etc) that the hypervisor, and guest can call. Developers
Xen Project HVM emulated device unplug protocol Developers Definition of the protocol used to disconnect emulated deivces, get log messages from drivers, and prevent Dom0 from loading specific drivers. Developers
Xen Project paging Developers Allow the sum of memory allocated to guests > physical memory available, by paging out. Developers
Xen Project Crash Debugger Developers Using gdb to analyse why Xen Hypervisor has crashed. Developers
Grant Tables Developers Introduction to grant tables Developers
PV Console Architecture Overview Developers Xen traditionally provided a single PV console to PV guests. Today we have support fort multiple PV consoles and backends. This document provides an architecture overview of PV Consoles and explains how different components interact with each other. Developers
AMD Microcode Container File format Developers Developers
Coverage support for Xen Developers Coverage support allow you to get code coverage information when Xen executes (in other words you can see how many times a line is executed). This tutorial shows how to enable and use code coverage support for Xen. Developers
Xen custom %p format options Developers Specification of custom %p format options in Xen. Developers
PVH Architecture and Specification Developers This document gives an overview of the PVH implementation Developers
Hypercall ABI documentation Developers Hypercall ABI documentation for x86 and ARM Developers
pv-drivers-lifecycle Developers Getting new PV drivers accepted in Xen, upstream code bases, and ABI stable in the quickest and most efficient way possible. Developers
9pfs Developers 9pfs is a network filesystem protocol developed for Plan 9. 9pfs is very simple and describes a series of commands and responses. It is completely independent from the communication channels, in fact many clients and servers support multiple channels, usually called "transports". For example the Linux client supports tcp and unix sockets, fds, virtio and rdma. Developers
pvcalls Developers PV Calls is a paravirtualized protocol that allows the implementation of a set of POSIX functions in a different domain. The PV Calls frontend sends POSIX function calls to the backend, which implements them and returns a value to the frontend and acts on the function call. Developers

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